Guidelines for Conference Publications

  1. The research topic and material should be consistent with the conference themes, and it should follow scientific research guidelines.
  2. The plagiarism for conference participation should not exceed 20%.
  3. The research must have scientific value in terms of academic writing, language, and it will be submitted to the evaluators to assess their eligibility for participation. In addition, posters and flyers, portraying the conference's topics, will be accepted.
  4. The cost of publishing and participating in a research paper, including transportation, accommodation, and hospitality, is 270,000 I.D (two hundred and seventy thousand), or equivalent $175 U.S.D (One hundred seventy-five).
  5. The number of pages shall not exceed Twelve pages, and for each additional page, the researcher shall pay 25,000 I.D (Twenty-five thousand).
  6. The researcher prepares an abstract that can be presented in Ten minutes.
  7. Two copies of the research in Word Format must be submitted, One does not include the researchers' names.
  8. The submitted manuscript must be drafted in accordance with the journal template. Please download the template.
  9. Conference registration is completed online, along with papers' submission through the submission link
  10. For additional information, please contact the conference organizers at
  11. After acceptance of the research for participation and publication, cash payment can be made in one of the following ways:
    A- Financial Affairs Department (University of Anbar Campus).
    B- Zain cash wallet number: 540777

For more information about how to submit a paper, you can download the guideline.