Optimal water management in light of climate changes is an unavoidable obligation to create a sustainable environment.


Adopting the notion of strategic cooperation and common interests as a groundwork for addressing climate consequences and food security concerns in order to accomplish the goals of sustainable development.


The conference aim to :-

  1. Addressing the challenges of climate change by implementing optimal water management strategies.
  2. The preservation of biodiversity and viability of dry-land ecosystems.
  3. Making use of renewable energy technology to reduce pollution and the effects of global warming.
  4. Sustainability of water resources to enhance food security and overcome water scarcity.
  5. Combating desertification through the construction of irrigation systems within the context of sustainable development.


  1. Sustainable development of water resources and ecosystems.
  2. Management of water resources in arid and semi-arid regions.
  3. Modern techniques for water harvesting and conserving in dry regions.
  4. Water quality and biodiversity.